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The Ultimate Checklist for Starting a New Online Business

Starting a new online business is both scary and exciting. It’s a considerable risk that takes a huge personal investment of time and money, but when it becomes successful, there’s no better feeling! If you’re starting a new online business…
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3 Reasons You Will Benefit From Attending LogoLab Workshops

If you’re stuck on your logo design and it’s holding you back from moving forward in your online business, we hope you’ll join us for this FREE workshop designed just for you! The LogoLab workshop was created by a master designer with…
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What Bad Graphic Design Could Cost You

Did you know that bad graphic design could cost your business significantly? Trust, reputation, and dollars - the essential things to build your business - are at stake if you have bad graphic design. Whether it’s on your website, merchandise,…
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10 Graphic Design Tips for Entrepreneurs

Since aesthetics mean so much to today’s generation of consumers, even the most low-tech entrepreneur could use a few design tips. We’ve got you covered. As a graphic design company with over 50 years of combined experience designing websites…
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Get the Help You Need to Run a Successful Business in the 21st Century

Being an entrepreneur or business owner isn’t what it used to be. Back in the day, business owners just had to worry about the everyday logistics of keeping the business running. Occasionally an ad might run in the local newspaper, or a sale…
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How to Choose the Right Font for Your Brand

Branding requires consistency. When you have a defined identity, communicating that identity clearly every time, is what makes branding important. As fun as it might be to change up your look, it can confuse your customers and make them wonder…