5 Things You Need To Know Before Designing A Logo

Do you want to design a logo for your newest product but have no idea where to start? You might be thinking, “I would love to make my own logos, but I have no technical skills and it would take me forever. Isn’t it just easier to pay an expert?” Or maybe you are thinking, “I don’t have the eye for design to make my logo look good. The colors and fonts are all too confusing and mine end up looking unprofessional.

You are not alone. Many business owners, entrepreneurs, and virtual assistants have had the exact same thoughts. They can’t wait to get their product in front of people and start selling, but they don’t want to risk looking unprofessional. They know designing a great logo is crucial, but they have no idea where to start. They don’t have a big pile of cash to hire a professional every time they release a new product. They want to learn to make a high-quality logo themselves without paying the big bucks!

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If you just read that paragraph and said to yourself, “Yes, that’s me!” I’m here to tell you it’s possible! You can get rid of that stuck feeling and give yourself permission to use your creativity so that you can build amazing logos for yourself and your clients in just a few clicks. Beginning the process is as easy as the 5 W’s of Design. By answering these five questions, you’ll be on your way to creating a stellar logo and brand that sets you apart from your competition!

The 5 W’s of Design

Every solid brand needs a solid foundation. The five W’s lay the foundation for your logo. Doing the necessary prep work will make it easier to create a logo that stands out to your ideal customer and creates a lasting connection.

The 5 W’s of Design are:

1. Who is your ideal client?

2. What do you want other people to say about your company?

3. Where will you be using your logo?

4. When you think about your company values, what comes to mind?

5. Why is it important to have a professional logo?

Let’s further look at each of these 5 W’s of Design to understand each of these essential building blocks:

1. Who Are Your Clients?

Who are your clients? Or who do you want them to be? This is a great place to start when creating your logo. First, think about who your current clients are. Or, if you don’t have any clients yet, who your ideal client would be. Write down a list of their attributes, including age, gender, core needs, and interests.

2. What Do You Want People To Say About Your Company?

This one is pretty straightforward. What do you want people to notice about your company? What do you want them to think and feel when they see your logo? Do you want people to consider your business rustic, casual, creative, fun, medical, scientific, unique, or detailed? Take a minute and write it out. Jot down how you envision you’d want someone to describe your business to their friend.

3. Where Will You Be Using Your Logo?

Where will your logo be placed? On a website or sales page, print brochures and flyers, or on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook? Or will you use your logo on company hats, shirts, and merch? Maybe you’ll use your logo on workbooks and course materials. Think about where you want your logo displayed, and keep in mind you’ll want a versatile logo so you can use it in various ways.

4. When You Think About Your Company Values, What Comes To Mind?

Do you have a set of company core values? The shoe company Zappos.com has a great example of company core values that we pulled right off their website,

“Deliver wow through service, embrace and drive change, create fun and a little weirdness, be adventurous, creative, and open-minded, pursue growth and learning, build open and honest relationships with communication, build a positive team and family spirit, do more with less, be passionate and determined, be humble.”

If you don’t have a set of values like this, consider taking a few moments to write out your core company values now.

5. Why Is It Important To Have a Professional Logo?

Have you ever felt imposter syndrome as a business owner, like you’re not qualified or experienced enough to succeed? This mindset can be a knock to your confidence and make it hard to make sales with pride. However, when you have a professional logo you can be proud of, you will become a better seller, naturally increasing revenue. Don’t believe me? Listen to the business owners and entrepreneurs who came to me for help with their branding. Over and over again, they tell me that having a professional-looking logo transforms how they look at their business.

These 5 W’s of Design will lay the foundation you need to connect with your ideal customers and increase revenue. Answering the questions above will help you identify the best logo for your business, so your website looks professional and trustworthy. With this foundation laid, you can design a high-quality logo you can be proud of!

If you’re looking for even more opportunities to learn how to design professional-looking logos yourself, grab our Brainstorming Guide now – it’s my free gift to you and it’s the next step after identifying your 5 W’s!

Don't forget to grab your Brainstormin Guide!

This guide will walk you through the steps I use as a professional designer, to create beautiful logos for all my clients. I am sharing my steps for FREE, so you can use this secret sauce on your own logos.