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If you’re starting a new business or refining your brand identity, you need a good logo. But what makes a logo good? Unfortunately, there’s an infinite amount of information on the internet with conflicting messages about this, so it can feel overwhelming. But as graphic design professionals with over 50 combined years of experience creating effective logos for all industries, we’ve assembled everything you need to know about what makes a successful logo in one place!


The worst thing a logo can be is complicated. A logo is meant to tell your brand’s story at a quick glance. If someone has to stare at it for more than 30 seconds to understand what it’s saying about your company’s identity, it won’t be effective. You need a simple logo. Think of examples like the Nike swoosh or the Taco Bell bell. Without a single word, you can see one image and know what it symbolizes. It may even get to the point where you can see the McDonald’s M and start craving french fries. That’s the power of an effective logo.


You might not be able to instantly remember a company’s tagline, mission, or advertising campaign – but if it’s done right, you should remember its logo. No one would mistake Apple’s logo for any other company. You can identify Target’s red circles without a single word. If I asked you to remember the Starbucks logo, it would be effortless. That’s because these logos are memorable. You need your logo to have its own distinct style so that when people think of your company, they remember your logo.


The Burger King logo tells you that you can expect a burger. The YouTube logo indicates that you will be pressing play on a video. Not only do these logos indicate what their brand is about, but they encapsulate the company’s identity. If you want your company to be known as the best option within your industry, your logo can have the power to make people think of you when their specific need arises. For example, when someone wants to watch an engaging football game, they know they can go to the NFL every time.


If you want your brand to stand the test of time, you need your logo to be timeless. You don’t want to have to rebrand every five years. Apart from wasting money, that can also confuse customers or clients about your identity. For example, if the Superman “S” changed all the time, he wouldn’t seem like such a timeless superhero. Part of a timeless logo is choosing fonts and colors that will not feel outdated in a few years. Our team of designers is well versed in color theory and can help you pick a color palette that feels both modern and timeless.

Font Specificity

If every logo was written in Comic Sans, you might not take the brands very seriously. However, if a kid’s crayon or chalk brand was written like that, you would gain a better understanding of their niche. Choosing your font carefully can help your brand stand out from the rest. When you get a Subway sandwich, you don’t see bread on the sign anywhere. But you know that “Subway” will always be written the same way, so their sign makes you think of a sandwich. Walmart’s identity wouldn’t be the same without its font, either. It is important to use a font that pairs well with your company’s story, whether it feels modern, elegant, colorful, feminine, rustic, or bold.

Color Palette

Choosing a color palette for your logo requires more than just picking a collection of favorite colors. Color theory dictates that different colors can activate different emotions for people. For example, using a pale blue communicates something very different from a neon blue. And knowing how to combine colors to compliment each other and work together is important, especially in logo design.


A good logo communicates your company identity. But it’s a great logo if it sets you apart from your competition. Your logo can show your customers who you are and distinguish your company from others in the industry that provide similar products or services. Not only will it help people think of you as their best option, but it’s a great marketing tool. Think of all the free advertising that could come from a product with your logo on it. More people buy Adidas clothing when people see others walking around wearing Adidas. When you drive your Toyota truck through the mud, people start to associate the Toyota logo with a product that’s durable and dependable.


While you don’t want your logo to look outdated, it also needs to be timeless by appearing relevant to current needs and events. People want to depend on a brand or company that solves their current problem. A relevant logo can ensure that they come to you. Creating a logo that feels fresh and modern without sacrificing its timelessness will gain credibility with your customers. If they see a logo design that feels rudimentary or amateur, one glance will tell them that you’re not proficient at what you do and not equipped to help them fill their needs.


We want your company to grow and change without feeling locked in or limited. A versatile logo can help you do this without having to rebrand as you grow. We deliver your logo in a variety of formats so that you can use it in every form you need. Sometimes you just need the image. Other times, you may want to pair your logo image with your company name or slogan. And if you want it to look less like clip art and more like a professional design, you’ll need a variety of formats to fit your needs.


To be taken seriously by your customers, you need a logo that is professional and designed well. If you’ve had a picture in your mind of what you want but don’t have the time or skills to design it yourself, Soapbox Studio can help. Rather than resorting to primitive design tools or amateur results, we will work with you to create the logo you’ve been dreaming of, without all the frustration of napkin pencil sketches and late-night Google searches. So leave it to us, and we’ll develop everything your company needs to stand out, look professional and credible.

Who Are We?

Soapbox Studio is comprised of two designers, Tracey and Justin. Tracey founded the company in 1997, and together with Justin, they have over 50 years of combined experience producing excellent designs for every demand. When you work with Soapbox, you have the assurance that you will be working directly with the designer from start to finish without going through a middle man. You know your designer’s name, and you know you’re working with a US-based team that you can trust. We prioritize a personalized experience based on collaboration so that your vision is achieved. If this experience sounds like what you’ve been looking for, contact us to get started. A professionally designed logo will make you look as good as you really are.